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Don’t worry, Studio Lifeline is here. Your problems will be solved in no time. From issues big to small, we’ve seen it all. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle all kinds of issues. Click here to learn more

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State of the Art Studio

Looking for a state of the art studio that won’t break the bank? Record with us at Studio Lifeline. We have professional grade, industry standard equipment. Top notch quality is guaranteed.

In-Person Training or Remote Training Available

Whether you are starting from square one or if you are looking to learn advanced concepts and techniques, Studio Lifeline offers first class training in a number of different audio software programs and audio plugins.

99% Customer Satisfaction & Recommendation Rate

There’s nothing more important than your progress. There’s no need to worry if you will gain anything out of your sessions. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer a money back guarantee.

You'll Get Over 40% Off With Our Training Package Discounts

The more you want to learn, the more you’ll save. You’ll get over 40% with our Package Discounts. Check out the Rates page for more information.

Dependable and Effective Studio Training & Support for Over 10 Years.

Solving all kinds of studio issues and providing quality studio hardware and software training for over 12 years! Be sure to check out our Client Reviews.

Become proficient in any DAW software with Studio Lifeline!

Or get help with your individual studio needs!

Need help setting up your home or professional studio? Or do you need help with any of the programs listed above or another DAW? We can also help with MIDI. Contact us right away and we take care of it!

Group Sessions Available

Small Class Sizes of 4 – 8 people

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