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Want to record at a pro facility, with top notch gear, and a pro engineer?

Look no further! Record your album, song, or get a professional sounding demo with Studio Lifeline!

Here is just a part of our gear list:


Pro 12-Core Processor, 16GB Ram, (2) 27-inch Apple Displays

Mac Pro

Apple Display with Logic Pro


Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live

Pro Tools logoLogic Pro Icon

Cubase Logo1ableton_live_logo

Over 40 audio inputs

MOTU 896MK3 recording interface,
MOTU 896 recording interface,
MOTU 828 recording interface

Motu 896mk3



Neumann U87, Neumann TLM49, Neumann TLM 193, Neumann KM184, Miktek PM5, Shure Beta 87A,


Royer R-121LG


Neve 511, Neve 551, Neve R6 500 Series Rackspace, Vintech 273, Miktek MPA-201, Avalon Ultra 5, AEA RPQ Ribbon Mic Preamp

Neve 500 Series

Miktek MPA-201

Studio Monitors:

Dynaudio BM-15, Dynaudio BM9S II, Hammond Suzuki Leslie 122A, Leslie Model 145 Speaker

Dyn Audio Sub

Keyboards / Organ:

Hammond B3 Organ, Minimoog Voyager, Yamaha Montage 7, Korg Kronos 2, Kurzweil Forte, Yamaha CP-4, Nord Electro 5, Uhl X3, Yamaha Motif XF

Yamaha MontageKurzweil Forte

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