Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering audio is an art form which generally takes years of experience to become proficient at, partly due to the fact that so many technical audio mastering tools must be learned, and partly because students need to have a genuine feel for the music in order to be successful. With the online mixing and mastering courses offered by Studio Lifeline, you’ll be working with an expert audio mastering engineer who has nearly two decades of experience in the field, and the ideal teaching skills to pass that knowledge on to eager students.

Are you interested in audio mixing and mastering?

Music mastering, audio mastering, and mastering electronic music require one to learn the proper way to use the software and hardware tools found in a music production studio, such as Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and other Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software used to mix and master music. You’ll have access to an online mixing studio, so you can do your very ow mastering online, and instantly see the results of your efforts. Mixing & mastering online will work the same for you as if you were physically in our state-of-the-art facility yourself–and that means you can take advantage of our classes no matter where you happen to live in the world.

If you’ve ever had a real interest in knowing exactly how those rich musical sounds are produced in a mastering studio, then mixing & mastering music is something you should enthusiastically investigate with Studio Lifeline. With our tailored lessons offered through our music mastering studio, you’ll be able to mix & master your own music online, and eventually you’ll be capable of dance music mastering, electronic music mastering, and just about any other kind of music mixing and mastering that appeals to you. You might even want to offer your own music mastering services professionally.

Making a career of your audio mastering services means you would probably need to setup your own audio mastering studio, and Studio Lifeline can help there too; advising you on all the music mixing equipment you’ll need for mixing & mastering audio, and on everything having to do with establishing your own mix studio. Everything necessary for professional audio mixing and mastering can be learned via the customized training you receive from our one-stop audio master shop.

Mixing and Mastering
Mixing and Mastering Services

Why not some other mixing and mastering service?

The personal attention you get from Studio Lifeline owner, Tony Zaatari, is a body of instruction you just can’t get anywhere else. You are never forced to keep up with the class, rather, the class is built around you as the only student in attendance. Anything that you don’t immediately grasp can be repeated or explained in other ways to make sure that all the most important information is understood, as it should be, so that you can be constantly building your skills toward becoming a mixing and mastering guru. Even if you have no professional aspirations, but prefer to enjoy it as an amateur hobby, you’ll love the affordable one-on-one instruction you receive from Studio Lifeline.

Our background

We have more than 18 years of experience in audio engineering, and have worked with many well-known artists and musicians in the United States and abroad. In that span of time, we have also worked with many individuals who have wanted to setup their own professional recording studio, setup at your home or at a place of business and we have provided expert advice on music recording equipment, as well as on how to become a recording studio pro. Collectively, all of this experience has given us more than just the knowledge of how a music studio should be setup, and what kind of music studio equipment should be included, but also how to teach anyone else who has an interest in learning about it.

Mixing and Mastering Services Studio

Mixing & Mastering

Check out these Studio Lifeline Samples.

First, you’ll hear a before clip which is what the audio sounded like before any mixing or mastering, then you’ll hear the after clip which is the Studio Lifeline mixed and mastered version.

Rock / Jazz / Reggae


diversifydDiversifyd is feel good music incorporating the sound of reggae, jazz, rock, soul and rhythm & blues. This Project was mixed and mastered by Studio Lifeline.

Diversifyd – Kings & Queens (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)



Sunstone combines driving rock with multi-layered guitars, keyboards and multi-part vocal harmonies, weaving in classic hard rock acoustic rock, searing blues and psychedelia. These projects were mixed and mastered at Studio Lifeline.

Sunstone – Down to the River (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample


Sunstone – Feels Like Love Again (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample

Colors 2.0

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.06.03 AMBrian Sherman, Co-Founder of the original COLORS and Keyboardist / Composer / Producer. This project was mixed and mastered at Studio Lifeline.

Colors 2.0 – Forever A Flower (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)

Hip-Hop / Rap / Trap


BexxxWitty punchlines and catchy breaks, BeXXX fuses together hip-hop, edm, rap, trap, and pop’s unique sounds. Her flavorful blend of genres creates a one of a kind flow that is sure to leave you always wanting more. All of these projects were co-produced, mixed and mastered at Studio Lifeline.

Bexxx – I Ain’t Got the Time (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


Bexxx – Break It (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


Bexxx – NYMZ (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


Bexxx – Bon (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


timzA winner of ‘Best Music Video’ in the Hollywood Film Festival  and offering a virtually nonexistent viewpoint to hip-hop music. TIMZ has become a staple on YouTube.com, receiving over a million plays in total. This project was Mixed and Mastered at Studio Lifeline.

Timz – I’m a Lion (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)

Electonic Music / Voice Over

Psychic Driving

Psychic DrivingPsychic Driving is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. An extremely talented composer and producer that works with mulitiple genres of electronic music. These projects were co-produced, mixed and mastered at Studio Lifeline.

Psychic Driving & Asix – She Left in the Rain
(Signed to Ekstre Records) Co-produced, mixed and mastered at Studio Lifeline (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


Psychic Driving – Kyoto Transmission (Studio Lifeline Before & After Sample)


Extra Terrestrial LP

Hailing from San Diego, Asix is a multi-genre producer. The tracks below were produced and mixed by Studio Lifeline.

Asix – Tuvan (Signed to Ekstre Records) Produced & Mixed at Studio Lifeline


Asix – Voices (Signed to Ekstre Records) Produced & Mixed at Studio Lifeline

 Voice Over Talent Keith Russell

Voices123Keith Contacted Z Media Masters to produce a Voice Over demo for him. This project was recorded, produced, edited, mixed, and mastered by Studio Lifeline.

Keith Russell Voice Over Demo

More Samples Are Available Upon Request

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