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If you are a keyboard player and pictured yourself surrounded by top notch, state of the art keyboard workstations, synthesizers, and a mint Hammond B3, imagine no more. has the best collection of keyboards in Southern California ready for your creative input. Record with the best sounds from the latest instruments mixed&mastered by keyboard recording master Tony Zaatari.

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In addition Studio Lifeline can offer you highly trained and creative musicians to add to your project, including:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Percussion
  • Drums
  • Additional keyboard
  • Strings
  • Vocals

Below are pictures and descriptions of our keyboard collection.

Hammond B3 with Hammond Suzuki Leslie model 12

This Hammond organ, circa 1964, has been re-built and maintained to like new condition. The 122 Leslie, which is the only leslie that should be connected to a B3, is less than one year old and has been modified with a JBL 2226C woofer and an Atlas driver for additional power handling capability. Our B3 also has a full set of original foot pedals.

Hammond XK5

Hammond’s flagship portable, the XK-5, features a ground-up design that draws on original B-3 schematics, capturing that legendary sound, feel – and soul – with unerring accuracy. Onboard, new technologies include a cutting-edge sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of vintage electro-mechanical tonewheel generators. The new custom waterfall keybed provides the inimitable feel of a vintage B-3 and is ideal for palm slides and other classic playing techniques. Other features include four sets of drawbars plus pedal drawbars, an uber-realistic Digital Leslie, and downloadable tonewheel profiles.

Korg Kronos 2: 61 and 88 note versions

Korg Kronos 2/ 61 and 88 note versions

The Kronos sets the standard for all digital workstations.  It has an immense collection of stock and aftermarket sounds and combinations.  Each program and combination can be infinitely modified and saved.  These are the latest iteration (version 3.04 OS) and are available in a 61 note semi-weighted keyboard or a full 88 note fully weighted piano action instrument.

Moog Voyager

This Voyager is the last version of the series which started production in 2003.  It has over 500 factory installed patches and it totally monophonic (meaning it will only play one note at a time). But the real beauty of this Moog is that the patches are only a starting point for the sound palette you can create.  Being an analog device you can change any and every parameter with a rotary knob, and everything is open for mutation.  It is a keyboard with unlimited possibility for the creative user.

Moog Voyager
Yamaha Montage 7

Yamaha Montage 7

The Montage Series is the successor to the Yamaha Motif XF series instruments.  The sounds and programmability are the result of years 15 years of Motif series refinements to produce a keyboard with absolutely matchless sounds and programmability.  The Montage can be easily programmed and it’s capabilities are indeed deep.  It features 76 semi weighted keys on a Fatar specially designed key bed, very fast action.

Yamaha Motif XF-6

The XF-6 is the last version of the famed Yamaha Motif series instruments and features thousands of high quality patches, combinations, arpeggios, and drum sets.  It is a full on synth workstation and an incredible creative tool to creating music.  The XF-6 has a 61 key semi weighted keyboard.

Yamaha Motif XF-6
Yamaha Motif 6

Yamaha Motif 6

This is the original Motif based keyboard with a 61 note semi weighted keyboard.  Although not as sophisticated as the later Motif series instruments it has some very striking and unique sounds and capabilities, especially for lead synthesizers and pads.

Yamaha CP4

This is one of the finest 88 fully weighted key pianos on the market….and it also includes over 400 high quality Yamaha sounds taken from the Motif XF series instruments.  It is easy to split and layer and the action is suitable for piano players as well as those who wish to use it’s synth capabilities as the action is fast enough for both types of playing.

Uhl Instruments X3

Uhl Instruments X3

Uhl Iinstruments are Hammond organ clones based on the latest HX3 physical modeling technology.  HX3 is not available in the US and we had to purchase this instrument in Germany, but worth the trouble.  It is an absolute dead ringer for a B3 and every parameter of the organ and leslie simulation are fastidiously programmable from the front panel of the instrument.

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